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Ultra Comfortable Solid Tire

About Our Company

Our company, which produces in Turkey, has been producing scooter solid tires all over the world since 2018. Thanks to the cheap production costs in Turkey, we produce the best quality tire at the most affordable price.

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E Scooter Garage Solid Tyre

The biggest problem of scooter solid tires is vibration. We have produced the most comfortable tire in the world.

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Our advantages

Since we produce in Turkey, we can ship products to all of Europe in a very short time and in any quantity.

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Contact Us

It is very easy to contact us. You can write to us any questions about E Scooters via whatsapp.

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Our Projects

We supply different products other than solid tires of our own production.

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We supply the best quality and most innovative Scooter accessories to the whole world.

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